Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pistol Packin'

This was the only weapon we had with us!

This was the only weapon we had with us!

We just saw an antelope while driving down the road... Cash says to me "now would be a good time to have your pistol, Mom. We could've shot that cantaloupe, put it on some wood and hung it on our wall." Too bad I wasn't packin'...we'd have a new cantaloupe on our wall tonight;)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine Chant

Ok, so...before you watch this and judge me, you should know what these kids are chanting about. They're playing a "Minute to Win It" type game at Cash's kindergarten Valentine's Day party where they have to suck the M&M'S up with a straw and move them from one cup to another before they can go tag the next person on their team. So...once we got started I suggested they cheer for their teammate while they wait for their turn...this is what happened when Cash took the lead...

As you can see, they had a lot of fun and gained the attention of several teachers and even the principal who came to check things out and see what all the "commotion" was about. 
I'm just curious... does this make me a good room mom, since they had so much fun...or a not-so-good room mom for encouraging them;) Feel free not to answer that...

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Valentine Flu

Happy Valentines Day! Who says the flu ruins everything?
Happy Valentines Day! Who says the flu ruins everything?

     It's true, Brody had the flu today (type B)...but...thankfully, we caught it early and started him on Tamiflu. (Can I get a "thank you Lord" for Tamiflu?) So, yes, he missed school today and missed out on all of the party hoopla, which stinks, but in the eyes of an eight year old, he had a pretty good day. Watching movies and playing games all day is just what the Dr. ordered:) not to mention that he gets to do it all again tomorrow because he isn't released to go back to school until Monday...which is a holiday and our school is utilizing it. So, back to school he'll go on Tuesday of next week...tough break kiddo...tough break;)

     Although we are thankful to have gotten a jump on this little bug where Brody is concerned, his Dad has been pretty ill and I'm praying that Cash and I are sealed from a germ breach in our bodies!! I'm praying for health, rest and a germ blocker for all bodies in our home!!

I hope your Valentine's Day was full of love and Flu free;)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Spring Break 2012

We had such a good time on Spring Break last year! I am remembering how much fun it was and longing to go skiing again...soon...really soon...maybe tomorrow...ok, maybe not.
This was pre-ski mountain. Even Horsey was excited;)
Brody, Merit (my nephew) and Cash were so excited!

We all headed up the mountain together...this lasted for a short while. Cash and I were much slower than Merit and Brody and I eventually allowed them the freedom to go ski without me. I was a bit nervous...but they really did awesome! Next time, I hope to remember a walkie-talkie or something so when I freak out for short periods of time...I'll be able to gather reassurance with a muffled voice on the end of the radio wave. 
Cash and I really had a great time and he did SO awesome!
 He was pretty impressed with himself by the end of the day! I was really nervous to take three non-adults skiing. My mom was in the lodge, but it was just the four of us on the mountain. They all did so well! It really was a GREAT DAY!
 The next day we headed to the go-karts for a little racing...Brody was a little competitive;)'s a good thing he was riding with me;) 
 Cash wanted to win too, so he switched over to my passenger to get in on the action!
 Merit was such a sweet young boy! He was so kind and fun the entire trip. I know he was probably feeling a little out of his "cool" range, but he never once showed it! He was a class act and was so good with my boys! I really enjoyed having some one-on-one time with him!
 Grammy and Merit make pretty awesome Spring Break companions!

Cash HAD to ride the bumper boats...I hate getting sprayed with water...
We also played a little putt-putt golf...My boys were not real aware of very many of the rules;)
What would vacation be without some kind of a stick gun battle... 
 Even Merit played along and taught them a thing or two...
They were feeling pretty awesome! 
 Thanks Grammy and Merit for joining us for a short little trip to Ruidoso! (And thank you Granny and Grans for allowing us to rest and relax in your condo! It was just what we needed!) 
The wheels are turning in my head as to what to do this go-round. I wonder if there's snow? I wonder if there is snow, if it will still be there at spring break? Who knows? This one will be hard to top!

Friday, February 8, 2013


I love this photo! I hope I get to (remember to) take this photo each time we are able to stay at the "Black's"! Thank you for sharing your home with us!

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